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Ogyan chokhor ling - The Sangha

Ogyan chokhor ling is the European sangha of Ven. Lopon P Ogyan Tanzin Rinpoche. We are Vajrayana Buddhist practitioners within the Dudjom Lineage of the Nyingma school of Tibetan Buddhism.

At this point in time we are not an organisation whose members all share a single history of our Dharma connections. On the contrary, Lama Tanzin Rinpoche's European Sangha is largely composed of individuals who have all had their own individual trajectories in their Dharma paths but who share their commitment to and enthusiasm for the Dudjom tradition and who have made a powerful connection with Rinpoche.

Although our backgrounds and connections are very varied, Ven. Lopon P Ogyan Tanzin Rinpoche was not teaching in a vacuum when he arrived in 2004. He was able to build on firm foundations already laid for the Dudjom tradition in the UK. Besides those individuals who had had connection with the Dudjom lineage through international travel, such as to India or Nepal, or through meeting the late H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche at his centre in the Dordogne in France, we have been blessed by some visits to our own doorsteps in the U.K.

HH. Dudjom Rinpoche himself made two visits to London in the 1970s, and the wonderful teachings he gave at that time planted the best of seeds for the development of practice in the Dudjom tradition here. Then in the 1980s, Ven. Lama Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche, a heart student of H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche and Dharma brother of Lama Tanzin Rinpoche, made two visits to Kent, and gave further teachings to a small group of students.

This was followed in the 1990s by two extended visits to Kent by Ven. Lama Tharchin Rinpoche (of Vajrayana Foundation, (http://www.vajrayana.org).

Lama Tanzin Rinpoche continues the work begun by these other renowned lamas of the tradition.

Through his guidance, teaching and inspiration, the intention now is to firmly root the practice traditions here, to create the circumstances in which the major cycles of the Dudjom Tersar (the "New Treasure" revelations of the Dudjom lineage) are practised. Under Lama Tanzin Rinpoche's leadership, we now have a local and international network in place to support this practice.

We welcome experienced practitioners who are inspired by the Dudjom practices, or those who wish to discover more about them. We also have programmes of help and support for those setting out for the first time on the Buddhist path.


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