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Lhundrup Topgye Ling Ngakpa Dratsang School

Preserving Tibet’s Oldest Spiritual Treasure - …And educating children for the modern world

The Lhundrup Topgye Ling Ngakpa Dratsang School aims to secure the survival of Tibet’s cultural treasures and benefit the people of the Pemako region. Human-scale projects, environmental conservation and committed local involvement are the hallmarks of this program.
Lhundrup Topgye Ling Ngakpa Dratsang School is located in the Arunachal Pradesh (Land of the Rising Sun) region of northeastern India, in the eastern Himalayan region. It borders Bhutan to the west, Burma to the east and Tibet/China on the north and northeast. The terrain includes much diversity— everything from snowcapped mountains, and open plains, to densely vegetated jungle. Ven. Lopon P. Ogyan Tanzin Rinpoche was born and brought up in this region as was HH Dudjom Rinpoche...
The Lhundrup Topgye Ling Ngakpa Dratsang School was founded in 2001 by Ven. Lopon P. Ogyan Tanzin Rinpoche in order to fulfill his teacher’s, Dudjom Rinpoche’s, vision of preserving and transmitting the special teachings and practices of the ngakpa tradition. The school is a traditional ‘dratsang’, where the spiritual, academic, artistic and cultural treasures of the Tibetan people are passed from generation to generation. Blessed and named by the Supreme Head of the Nyingma Lineage, HH Minling Trichen Rinpoche, it upholds the Gokar-chang-lo’i-dé, the culturally vital non-monastic lineage of ngakpas representing one of the two original streams of Buddhism in Tibetan history that has flourished in Tibet since the 8th century. Following the Chinese occupation of Tibet it is in danger of extinction unless efforts are made to pass it on within the Tibetan community outside its homeland. The project has also received the blessings of Dudjom Rinpoche’s son, Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche.
Ven. Lopon P. Ogyan Rinpoche has designed a curriculum based on traditional academic and yogic training that has been studied and practiced for nearly 2,000 years. This includes the study of the Tibetan language, the recitation and memorization of prayers and liturgies, a firm grounding in basic texts of Buddhist philosophy and, most importantly, a strong foundation in the practice of the preliminaries (ngondro), of Mahayoga, Anuyoga and Atiyoga meditation. The students are thus equipped to uphold the tradition of Padmasambhava and in particular the lineage of Dudjom Rinpoche. Also important is the preparation of children for the modern world with a grounding in Maths, English, Hindi and Sciences. Rinpoche offers over 15 years of teaching experience at the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies.
The students also learn the traditional arts and crafts, such as astrology, religious dance, thangka painting, the making of tormas, masks, damarus and ngakpa shawls. By observing the particular talents of each individual child, Rinpoche is able to direct them towards a path uniquely suited to their gifts; for instance, if someone is good at singing, he is taught ritual singing and eventually becomes a specialist in that field. The entire curriculum takes eleven years to complete: nine years plus two preparatory years. The yearly exam takes place in March. Those who have completed the curriculum and wish to do so are encouraged to engage in retreat so as to deepen their experience of practice.


Recognizing interdependence: Education does not take place in a vacuum. Efforts to meet local needs for medical care, infant care, food and clothing complement the school’s initiative and create an environment where grass-roots support and community involvement insure long-term success.

Offering aid to those who would otherwise be missed: Because the Pemako region is remote, little aid reaches the Tibetan refugee populations and the region is often ignored.

Cultural preservation means cultural diversity: Sadly, despite the best of intentions, large-scale relief efforts often overlook smaller but vital aspects of an endangered culture. The Lhundrup Topgye Ling Ngakpa Dratsang School is the only school working to save the ngakpa tradition within the exiled Tibetan community.

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How can you help the children in Pemakö?

At present, the Lhundrup Topgye Ling Ngakpa Dratsang School receives no large-scale funding and is solely dependent on the generosity of individual donors.

Much has been done since the project started in 2001. School buildings have gone up, clothing, food and medical care have been provided and the Lhundrup Topgye Ling Ngakpa Dratsang School is educating and transmitting Tibet’s cultural heritage to the younger generation.

Rinpoche and the local villagers are ready to move forward, continuing to do the work required to help these children and save an ancient heritage and prepare for the future. They have proven their commitment and ability but the project cannot progress without help. Success now solely depends on much needed financial backing.
Rarely does the opportunity exist to turn immediately lives around for so many children. Our goal is to enable Rinpoche to maintain his commitment to the children and families who view the Lhundrup Topgye Ling Ngakpa Dratsang School as a miracle. For more information please contact pemakoinformation@nyingma.com.

Donations of any amount are helpful and are greatly appreciated.

Please send donations to the following address: SNCD, 20 Longcroft Road, Caldicot, Monmouthshire, NP26 4EX, United Kingdom. We are able to accept cheques in Pounds Sterling and Euros made out to SNCD. At present we cannot process card payments. Please specify the Pemakö Project in writing on the back of the cheque when you send the donation.
Until necessary formalities are completed to establish the Pemakö Project as a registered UK Charity Sang-ngak-chö-dzong acts on behalf of the Pemakö Project in the UK. SNCD is a UK registered charity: No 1019866

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