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Practice Groups

Ogyan chokhor ling has a number of practice groups that meet at various intervals in homes and wild places. Of these the following are open to practitioners who are not already members of the sangha.

Ngöndro Groups provide mutual support for those who are practising the "Concise Recitation of the Preliminary Practices of the New Treasures of Dudjom". These practices are the point of entry for those who are new to Vajrayana Buddhism and prepare Practitioners for further Practice. Members meet to discuss teachings and to practice. They are suitable for people who want to find out more about Vajrayana Buddhism and to gain some practical experience.

The London Group meets monthly on each last monday at 20.00. If you attended any of Rinpoche's teachings at the Buddhist Society in London and you haven't yet received a password etc for the members section of this website, please contact Ngakpa Ga'wang.

The Canterbury Group meets fortnightly on Friday evenings.

Initially please contact Ngakpa Ga’wang. (Tel 01227 728379) for details of both Ngöndro Groups

"Tsokye thugthig" 10th and "Khandro thugthig" 25th Day Practices: Based on the lunar calendar the 10th and 25th Days are celebrated together by practitioners of this lineage in Canterbury. It is suitable for those who already have received the relevant empowerments and teachings from an authentic Lama of the Dudjom Tradition. Please contact Ngakpa Ga'wang

Groups meet monthly in Canterbury to practice Vajrakilaya and Throma Nagmo. Please contact Banruo


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