Buddhist Text Translation & Preservation
By Karma Dorje
Jul 10, 2006, 13:10


Electronic Text Preservation Projects

If your project is not listed here, please send details to the

Asian Classics Input Project (ACIP)

Drukpa Kagyü Heritage Trust -

Nitartha International - was founded by the Dzogchen Ponlop, Rinpoche to aid in the support of Tibetan educational systems, and is dedicated to preserving the ancient wisdom of the arts and sciences of Tibet with modern computer technologies. Current projects include a compendium of the terminology of the eight major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.  This should be a major contribution to the increased understanding of the major traditions of Tibetan Buddhist practice.  Under his leadership, Nitartha has amassed an extensive digital library of Tibetan texts that can be searched electronically to assist in creating references for the Compendium . Nitartha has completed over 80,000 pages of text input at its input centre in Nepal, and edited several thousand pages of text so far.


Translation and Preservation Projects

Dharma Publishing: Yeshe De Text Preservation - Dharma Publishing Text Preservation

"Dharma Publishing's text preservation projects are dedicated to preserving the texts of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, encouraging scholarly research, and promoting translation of traditional Buddhist texts. Dharma Publishing has reprinted the entire Kanjur and Tanjur, the Tibetan Buddhist Canon in 128 Western-style volumes, and 627 additional volumes containing nearly 80,000 precious texts gathered from monasteries and libraries around the world. Selected texts essential to continuing the Tibetan traditions have been typeset in Tibetan; since 1989, 75,000 copies of these texts have been printed and distributed to practitioners in Asia." Dharma Publishing was established by HH Tarthang Tulku as Dharmamudranalaya in 1963 and then in USA as Dharma Publishing in 1969.

The Seven Treasuries of Longhenpa - translation project sponsored by the Chagdud Gonpa Foundation.

Buddhist Canon Translation Project - BDK Tripitaka Translation

Translation Project - Chagdud Gonpa Foundation Translation Committee, P.O. Box 279, Junction City, CA 96048, or e-mail

Gomang Pharkhang. Run by Peter Gilks. A commercial destop publishing house which has been slowly working towards publishing the entire Gomang yig.cha. As a commercial proposition, the Treasure Treasury (gter.mdzod) of Chogyur lingpa, the great treasure-revealer of last century, has been produced by them. The 40 volumes are just now having their correction work finalized. Most volumes have had the camera-ready copy made. We will convert the Tibetan! 4.x format into the electronic pecha format in the next few weeks.

Zhechen Gonpa. Matthieu Ricard (who marvellously translated The Life of Shabkar). They have completed the bKah 'bum of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and published it (27 vols). The work is being converted in to the electronic pecha format now. Matthieu is underway with a five-year plan to publish a great deal of rare Nyingma material. All to be available on both paper and our electronic pecha format

Namdroling Monastery in India. Their shedra is now officially computerized and their plan for the next few years is to input all of Longchen Rabjam' works, all of Jigme lingpa's works, and the 17 root tantras of Dzogchen. Numerous other works to be done as well. Their work is especially important because they have excellent scholars and will do very good correction work. All work to be published on paper and our electronic pecha format.

Nyingmapa at Kochen Tulku's monastery in India. Publishing Mindroling material. Total amount equals 40 vols. All input and being corrected now. Will be published shortly on paper and in our electronic pecha format.

The Nyingma Tantras Translation Project - Germano, David F. Co-directed with Robert Mayer. The Nyingma Tantra Research Archives is an electronic and collaborative project  to facilitate the reproduction, analysis, translation, and interpretation of all known editions of the large canon of Tibetan Buddhist religious texts known as The Collected Tantras of the Nyingma (rNying ma rgyud 'bum). This constitutes the electronic indexing, cross-referencing and analysis of all editions of the Nyingma Gyubum, the lengthiest of which is over 35,000 folio sides. The project is housed in the Institute for the Advanced Technology in the Humanities (IATH) at the University of Virginia. It was hoped by the summer of 1999 it would have been be fully open to the public, but appears somewhat behind schedule. The site is be updated periodically  so that interested individuals can follow its progress. Anyone with related projects is encouraged to contact the Archives staff in the meantime. &

The Rimé Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of Indo-Tibetan Buddhism and to making this unique tradition accessible to the Western world.

Their activities include:

The creation and maintenance of web-based resources to facilitate the study of Indo-Tibetan religion, language, and culture

Projects to collect, preserve, and translate the sacred literature of India and Tibet

Efforts to create links between like-minded organizations and individuals to promote the sharing of information and resources in the field of Indo-Tibetan religious and cultural studies

Programs to create a spiritually balanced society and integrate the wisdom of the world's spiritual traditions into our individual and collective lives

To support The Rimé Foundation  programs or inquire about our activities, please contact us at


Rime Lodro Waldo's Tibetan Buddhist Texts Download Site

  • Commentary by Khenpo Palden Sherab on Mipham Rinpoche's Sword of Knowledge
  • Longchenpa's Great Chariot -

available for download in RTF, Word, and WordPerfect formats

Osel Dorje Nyingpo is the not-for-profit Nyingma Tibetan Buddhist  practice and teaching organization founded and directed by Khenpo Gyurmed Trinley Rinpoche. The site includes commentaries by Khenpo on Green Tara practice and Mipham Rinpoche's "Precious Lamp of Certain Knowledge" (Neshe Rinpoche Dronme), bibliography, and practice calendar etc.

Catalogues & collections

Search the ACIP catalogue at

Center for Buddhist Studies, College of Liberal Arts, National Taiwan University: Online Buddhist Resources

Library of Congress: Catalogues, Bibliographies and Guides [Asian / Tibet]

University of Michigan, Harlan Hatcher Grad. Library Tibetan Collection

University of Virginia: Tibetan Collection

National Taiwan University, Institute of Buddhist Studies Fulltext collection of Articles on Buddhism

GBLT's Library of Buddhist teachings (Gelugpa) including translations amongst others of The Heart of Wisdom Sutra, The Diamond Sutra, Fifty Stanzas of Guru Devotion.


Publishers & Distributors of Tibetan Books

Padma Publishing -


Journals & Reveiws

Journal of Buddhist Ethics -


See Also....

Bernard Tremblay's list of links to Tibetan Buddhist text resources

The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Buddhist Studies:- Texts Input/Translation Projects


Contacts and Centres

Rigon Thubten Mindrolling Monastery , a Nyingma-pa Tibetan Buddhist Monastery located in Orissa, India under the spiritual direction of Terton, Namkha Trimed Rabjam.

Academic and Research Associations

International Association for Tibetan Studies:  The International Association for Tibetan Studies  was founded at Oxford in 1979.  It seeks to develop the study of Tibetan culture in all its aspects and to encourage interdisciplinary exchange. The IATS aims to realise these objectives through international co-operation between institutions, individual scholars and working groups. The IATS organises international conferences every three or four years. The next is June 24th-30th, 2000,  at Leiden,  Netherlands.  President: Samten Karmay; Secretary General: Per Kværne; Advisory Board: Michael Aris, Anne-Marie Blondeau, Martin Brauen, Janet Gyatso, Samten Karmay, Per Kværne, Roy Andrew Miller, Katsumi Mimaki, Cristina Scherrer-Schaub, Peter Schwieger, Ernst Steinkellner, Punto Tsering, Tashi Tsering; Convenor/Chairperson: Henk Blezer

Universities Offering post graduate Buddhist or Tibetan Language programmes with Tibetan connections






Department of Asian Languages and Literature
225 Gowen Hall
Box 353521
Seattle, WA 9195-3521
(206) 543-4996
DEGREES OFFERED: M.A. in Asian Languages and Literature
Ph.D. in Asian Languages and Literature
FACULTY: Collett Cox (Indian)
Richard Solomon(Early Indian)
Richard Dreyfuss (Tibetan)
[Charles Keyes (Theravada)]
[Ter Ellingson (Ritual Music)]

Buddhist Libraries (and/or Practice Centres)

The Library of Tibet Work and Archives was established at Dharamsala in 1971 as a repository for ancient cultural objects, books and manuscript from Tibet. The Library has eight departments: research and translation, publication, oral history and film documentation, reference (reading room), Tibetan studies, Tibetan manuscripts, a museum, and a school for thangka painting and wood carving. It has a team of Tibetan scholars who are engaged in research, translation, instruction and the publication of books. Since its founding, the Library has acquired a reputation as an international centre for Tibetan studies. To date, more than five thousand scholars and research students from over thirty countries have benefited from this unique educational institutions. It offers regular classes in Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan language. A limited number of rooms, usually with an attached Kitchen, are available for bona fide research scholars and general students on rent subject to periodical revision.Research scholar refers to those scholars who come with a letter of recommendation from their university/institution and who need to use the books. manuscripts and other facilities available in this institution for their research works. Research scholars are required to subscribe to Library Membership. Membership fee per month is Rs. 150/- . Other facilities include: Foreign Language Reference Library - 6,000 titles in English and other language concerning Buddhism, Tibet and related subjects, as well as reference material.Manuscript Department - 70,000 Tibetan titles (books and manuscripts) dealing with Tibetan Buddhist philosophy, psychology, history, medicine, etc. Museum - houses about 1,000 Buddhist object d'art from Tibet.Book store - All the books and journals published by LTWA are available from the sales counter on the first floor of the main building.   Reprography Service - written and tape copying services are available at nominal charge.For further information please contact: The Secretary (Centre for Tibetan Studies) Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Dharamsala - 176215 (INDIA) Phone: 0091-1892-22467

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