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HH Penor Rinpoche
Below are listed all the Palyul centers worldwide together with some others that are endorsed as authentic by His Holiness Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche (Penor Rinpoche) and Namdrolling Monastery central governing board. 
The first monastery was at Palyul in Tibet and was built by Lhachen Jampa Phuntsog, the first Dharma King of Dege. The Mahasiddha Kunzang Sherab, was he first throne holder of the Palyul lineage.  He was appointed to lead the Palyul monastery in 1665.  He was the combined reincarnation of the Sakyamuni Buddha's son, Rahula, and the siddhas Arya Udasaka Dharmata, Shree Sinha, et al. Under his leadership Palyul monastery was expanded to hold three thousand monks and the Buddha's teachings were widely propagated through the means of study and practice.


The Palyul tradition traces its lineage much further back within the Nyingma School, however, through the great terton (treasure revealer), Migyur Dorje to Yeshe Tsogyal, her guru, Padmasambhava, to the first human teacher, Garab Dorje who received transmission from Avalokiteshvara and on, originating in the Dharmakaya sphere of Samantabhadra. Each of the great throne and lineage holders of the Palyul tradition became well known as great scholars of sutra, tantra and the outer and inner sciences. All throne holders and monks of the mother and branch Palyul monasteries practice the vinaya code of ethics as the foundational discipline. The second root practice, the mind training of the great vehicle of Mahayana called bodhicitta is placed on this as its foundation. Both aspirational and practical bodhicitta is developed to benefit all sentient beings.


Palyul Lineage

Chöku Kutuzangpo
(Dharmakaya Samantabhadra)

Durgpa Dorjé Changchen

Dorje Sempa
(Varja Sattva)

Thugjé Chenpo Chenresig

Lopön Garab Dorje

Jampel Shenyen

Lopön Shiri Singha

Yeshe Do

Pema Junge
(Padma Sambhava)

Gelong Namkhai Nyingpo

Khandro Yeshé Tsogyal

Nanam Dorjé Dudgom

Lhase Mutri Tsenpo

Tertön Zangpo Drakpa

Trulku Rigdzin Chenpo

Kunpang Dönyöd Gyaltsen

Gyudzin Sönam Chogzang

Trubthob Thangthong Gyalpo

Jangsem Kunga Nyima

Trulshig Tayakeuri

Tsenchen Tayabenza

Chöjé Bodhi Singha

Tulku Tashi Gyatso

Drubwang Tonpa Sengge

Tulku Chönyi Gyatso

Tertöton Migyur Dorjé

Khechog Karma Chagme

Rigdzin Kunzang Sherab

Pema Lhundrub Gyatso

Drubwang Pema Norbu (1679-1757 CE)
The first Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche was born in 1679. He was called Drubwang in recognition of his perfect accomplishment, particularly in the trekchö and tögal practices of Dzogchen. He was the third throne holder of Palyul. Karma

Chöpbel Zangpo

Drenchog Karma Lhawang

Gyurme Nyedon Tenzin

Pema Dhongag Tendzin

Dhongag Chökyi Nyima

Rigdzin Palchen Düpa

The Second Pema Norbu (1887-1932 CE)

Thubten Chökyi Dawa (1894-1959 CE)

HH Drubwang Pema Norbu Rinpoche (1932 - CE)

The Palyul holds the complete canon of the Mahayana sutras and tantras as well as the Kama (long), Terma (short) and Pure Vision transmissions in keeping with other Nyingma lineages. The Palyul lineage is distinct in that it continues to practice, realize and transmit all the various lineages and transmissions that were held and passed on by Kunzang Sherab. into one vast Dharma Ocean.

The Kama or long lineage is the combined oral tradition of Panchen Vimalamitra, the translator Vairocana and master Padmasambhava on the inner yogas of Generation Stage Maha Yoga, Transmission stage Anu Yoga and the Great Perfection stage Ati Yoga. The Palyul also holds the Non-dual Great Seal Mahamudra - Great Perfection Ati Yoga, uniting the highest Nyingma teachings of Dzog Chen with the ornament of the Kagyu school, the Mahamudra of Marpa the translator, forefather of the Kagyu. From Kunzang Sherab to the present throne holder, His Holiness Penor Rinpoche, as well as the greater Palyul sangha, this has been maintained as a principal practice which includes: clear light togyal, inner togyal, darkness practice, dream practice, training in the nature of sound and pure realms practice. The terma or short lineage refers to spiritual treasures (terma) that were concealed by Padmasambava and his close disciples to be revealed at a later, more appropriate time. These termas were hidden in both physical elements and within beings mind streams, to be remembered and revealed in later incarnations. As such, the lineage for these termas is considered "short" historically, as opposed to the long lineages originating with Sakyamuni Buddha. The principal terma lineages of the Palyul are those of Terton Nyang, Guru Chowang, Ratna Lingpa, Jigme Lingpa, Karma Lingpa and Mingyur Dorje.

The Profound lineage of Pure Vision originates with Terton Mingyur Dorje's Nam Cho Great Perfection revelations, transmitted directly to Kunzang Sherab.” Quoted from Nyingma Lineage - The Palyul Foundation of Canada.


The Worldwide Centers of the Palyul Lineage


Palyul Namdroling Foundation Canada
"Chamundi House"
R.R.#2, Mountain, Ontario
Canada K0E 1S0
Tel: 613-774-1010
Fax: 613-774-0862

The Palyul Foundation of Canada
R.R.3, Box 68
Madoc, Ontario, Canada K0K 2K0
Tel: 613-967-7432

Orgyan Osal Cho Dzong Monastery and Retreat Centre
1755 Lingham Lake Road
Madoc, Ontario, Canada K0K 2K0
Tel: 613-967-7432

Palyul Changchub Dargyeling - Toronto
2100 Bloor Street, Suite 6266
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6S 5A5
Tel: 416-604-0409

United Kingdom

Palyul Centre UK
3 Rotherfield Street
London N1 3EE
United Kingdom
Tel/Fax: +44 (20) 7359 5964


German Palyul Center e.V.
Tibetisch Buddhistisches Zentrum
Südallee 35, D-54290 Trier
Tel :+49 (0) 681 970 58 55
Fax:+49 (0) 650 160 24 57


Palyul Dharma Center
Stathis Likopoulis
15 Irodotou Street
Kolonaki 10674
Athens, Greece
Tel: 30 172 10168


Veranstaltungen des Vereins "Palyul Schweiz"
c/o Michael Lieb, Lichtstrasse 5, 4056 Basel
Tel. +41 61 321 02 00


Hong Kong

Penor Rinpoche Charity Foundation, Ltd.
Flat 3, 3rd Floor, Kiu Fung Mansion
18 Austin Ave.
TST, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: 852-27210115
Fax: 852-27242152

India and Nepal

Main Seat outside of Tibet:
Namdroling Nyingmapa Monastery
Arlikumari, P.O. Bylakuppe pin 571104
Mysore District, Karnataka State
Palyul Centers: Namdroling Monastery, South India

Tel: (91) 8223-254-921
Fax: (91) 8223-252-039 (expect some delay in response)

Ngagyur Nyingma Institute
Arlikumari, P.O. Bylakuppe pin 571104
Mysore District, Karnataka State
Tel: (91) 8223-254-037
Tel: (91) 8223-252-969
Tel: (91) 8223-253-469
Fax: (91) 8223-258-358



Tsogyal Shedrub Dargyeling Nunnery
Arlikumari, P.O. Bylakuppe pin 571104
Mysore District, Karnataka State
Tel: (91) 8223-258-554
Fax: (91) 8223-258-426

Tsechu Association
16 M. C. Road
Darjeeling, W.B.
Tel: 0091-0354-53077

Palyul Changchub Dargyeling
P.O. Dirang, pin 790101
West Kameng, A. P.

Palyul Thegchog Ödsel Chöling
P.O. Box 3630
Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-01-470326

Macau Nyingmapa Palyul Changchub Dargyeling Buddhist Center
Parca de lobo de Avila No. 16-18
Edif. Lake View Garden 4/F A
Phone No (853) 970201
Fax (853) 523684


Phillipine Palyul Chang Chub Dhargye Ling Dharma Center, Inc.
#73 Biak-Na-Bato St.
cor. Don Manuel St.
Sto. Domingo, Quezon City
Tel: 632-712-1022
Fax: 632-731-8746


Palyul Nyingma Buddhist Association
721 Geylang Road, Singapore 389 632
(directly opposite Lorong 42 Geylang)
Tel : (+65) 6742 9261
Fax : (+65) 6742 9904


Click here for the Taiwan websites (in Mandarin)

Palyul Buddhist Association
Hsien Tien, Taipei
3F, No 135, Mingchuang Rd.,
Hsintien 231, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-2-22182486-7
Fax +886-2-22183780

7F, No 329, Wen-Hsin Road,
Sec. 4, Taichung 406,
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-4-2454672

9F, No 489 Jong Shan 2 Road,
San Ming District, Kaohsiung,
Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: +886-7-5360466
Tel: +886-7-5360488
Fax: +886-7-3307375


Dege branches and Palyul mother monastery
Palyul Monastery (Palyul mother monastery)
Baiyu County
Ganzi District
Sichuan Province, P.R. CHINA
Zip: 627150
Tel: 86(836)-8321627

Rigon Shedrub Dongag Choeling Monastery
Muksang Sangag Choeling Monastery
Ragchab Monastery
Barong Drungyig Monastery
Banang Monastery
Pal Awam Thegchog Dargyeling
Samdrub Monastery

Serta branches
Nubzur Monastery
Gyaldong Monastery
Lhatse Monastery
Gyashug Monastery
Utsab Monastery
Dungkar Monastery
Serta Lung Monastery
Aao Sera Monastery
Shorag Monastery
Kyil Ngon Monastery
Hoshul Monastery
Parthang Monastery

Gojo branches
Kyilphug Monastery
Gyara Monastery
Rago Monastery
Ngulra Monastery
Tsaru Monastery
Thabra Monastery
Rigon Tengye Monastery
Chogyal Monastery
Luphug Monastery

Golog branch
Darthang Monastery

Gyarong branches
Thunlung Shedrub Dargyeling
Shugang Monastery
Tsangda Monastery

Chogtse branches
Kuntab Tashi Samten Monastery
Tsakho Odseling Monastery
Reshi Monastery
Gyalsoshab Ogyen Tenphel Monastery
Tsundru Monastery
Throchab Thuckchen Monastery
Rishul Chokhor Monastery

Drago branches
Minyag Monastery
Kyathang Monastery
Jangang Monastery
Sogmo Shidra Monastery

United States

Upstate New York:
The Palyul Retreat Center

359 German Hollow Road
McDonough, NY 13801
Tel: 607-656-4645
Fax: 607-656-5360
Learn more about retreat programs at the center.

New York City:
Palyul Changchub Dargyeling
Click for practice locations -- this address is the mailing address only
101 W. 23rd Street
Mailbox 2336
New York, NY 10011

Kunzang Palyul Chöling

P.O. Box 1142
Sedona, AZ 86339
Tel: 928-282-5195

San Francisco:
Palyul Changchub Dargyeling

P.O. Box 1514
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Tel: 415-945-9842

Los Angeles:
Palyul Changchub Dargyeling

8291 Presson Place
Los Angeles, CA 90069
Tel: 213-654-8662
Fax: 213-654-0196

Palyul Changchub Chöling

Gulf Breeze, FL
Telephone: 850-934-3409

Maryland/Washingon, DC:
Kunzang Palyul Chöling
18400 River Road
Poolesville, MD 20837
Tel: 301-349-0440

Namdroling Montana

PO Box 10807
Bozeman, MT 59719
Tel: 406-587-2907

Palyul Changchub Dargyeling, Ohio

P.O. Box 154
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022
Ohio website:
voice mail: 440-247-9438

Dallas, Texas:
PCD Dallas

P.O. Box 836408
Richardson, TX 75083-6408
Web site:

Longchenpa Institute

P O Box 1234
Stafford, VA 22555-1234
Tel: 540-373-7117

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